Press Tools

Giving the public easy access to quality performative arts is the core of our work. Get the latest updates about our artists and their biographies, podcasts, radio and public appearances, upcoming tour shows, interviews, pictures and official videos and websites here.

Artist Services

Rise Again Entertainment Inc. is a full service entertainment company that specializes in music production and management. We foster artists and songwriters to facilitate music publishing, touring and merchandising, both locally and on a global level.


Often, writers have a hard time in getting their literature through to the public. At Rise Again Entertainment Inc, our team of designers and publishers make sure all authors get to see their work published and printed using the best resources available to us. You can rest assured that your writing is complimented with the right designs, layout, fonts and colours by our department.

Brand Partnerships

Rise Again Entertainment Inc helps brands in having a more focused approach towards their audience by teaming up with our artists and their music. From advertising to sponsorships and content licensing, we’re with you each step of the way.


Rise Again Entertainment Inc has been working with platinum selling musicians and Grammy and Juno Award winning artists since 2011. All the wonderful music of our talented artists is easily available for you to enjoy through our official website via downloads and online streaming. If you wish to support our artists, we have easy shipping and purchasing options as well.

Licensing and Sync

So you have a product but feel like it’s not connecting with your audience? Chances are you need to add life into your work but don’t know how to go about it. Our team of professionals are qualified in assisting you with your creative endeavours and finding the perfect finish for your project. Whether you need music, creative consultation or just want to enhance your own recordings, let us know and our team will be in touch with you.