State the title of the song you would like to license.
State the name of the production.
Please include a brief synopsis of the project. You may send as an attachment if this is easier.
State the name of the person or entity that is seeking to license the song. ***Please advise if Licensee is NOT in Canada***.
State the name of the Director.
State the name of the main cast members.
State where you would like the rights to use music in your project. If your project will only screen in a particular city or at a particular festival, explain that here. If you would like to secure rights to show the project anywhere in the world, simply write world. Similarly, if your project will screen at theaters all over Canada but nowhere outside the country, write Canada.
State how long you would like to license the song for your project. Licenses for film festivals are generally issued for a term of one (1) year. Rights to use a song in perpetuity allow the licensee to use the song in the project forever.
Describe the media you plan on using to show your project – some examples include film festivals, TV, video, radio, Internet. If you are producing videos or DVDs, please list the number of copies you plan to produce. If your media is going to be shown at a trade show or other such gathering, how many attendees will be present during the showing.
Describe the scene in which you would like to use the song you are requesting. Please be as specific as possible. If you need more space, please feel free to attach further documentation explaining the details of the use.
Is the song being sung by one of your characters? Is it playing without any voiceover? That is likely a featured use. If, however, a song is playing in the background at low volume with narration over the top, that is likely a background use. You may also specify if the song is being used over Opening or Closing Credits.
State the length of the music use in your project. If you are requesting multiple uses, state the length of each separately. For example, if you would like to use a 17 second clip of the song in the middle of your project and a 1 minute clip later on in the project, you would state the following – 0:17, 1:00.
Please advise if you have a distribution deal in place and with whom.
State the date your project will be released or first aired. If you do not know the exact date, please estimate to the best of your ability. Month (or Season) and Year should suffice.
Let us know the date you need approval by.
If you would like the option to purchase additional rights in the future, explain that here. For example, some producers license songs for a term of 1 year with an option to extend that term for an additional 6 months. Right before the term of the original license expires, the producer may exercise the option and receive rights for an additional 6 months at a fee that was already negotiated at the time of the original license. This saves the producer the time of having to renegotiate rights in order to continue using a song in a project.
State whether or not you’ve secured the publishing rights; and if so, please indicate the fee that was approved by them.
Please indicate the overall budget for the production.
State the fee you would like to offer in order to obtain the rights you are seeking. (NOTE: Our quotes are normally issued in USD). *Gratis or free approval is granted only in very rare circumstances – virtually ALL music uses require a fee of some sort. If you are unsure, please leave blank.